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Book Review: Stowaway by Becky Black

StowawayStowaway by Becky Black

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book definitely gets four stars for characters.

Kit is my favourite. He's just so cheeky, and the humour bounced off him nicely against the more stricter character of Raine.

I felt a little cheated though over Gracie. I loved her, and would have liked to have known more about who had let her down in the past. There was too much telling about that and not much showing... but then I'm not your usual run-of-the-mill m/m romance reader, so maybe that wont bother other readers so much.

Although the author does well to have a balance of female and male characters, at times I did get confused with some of the female characters and who they were. They may have been over done. 

For plot and setting, it probably should get three stars. Parts of it became predictable (and I'm not talking about the romance) and it did need some more sci-fi elements. I don't wish to put spoilers up really, but words like 'rifle' gave me an image of a rifle, and not a weapon they would use in the future. Also, at one point, Kit holds a can of insect repellent/fly spray and I was like, really? In space would they need that?

I did like the ending though, and a particular scene had a familiar feel and I think I know where the author's inspiration may have came from (although I was slightly confused on how the containers were attached to the ship and would have thought they'd need disconnecting from the outside, not inside).

But the ending is the right one. Four stars for that, too.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Much appreciated and food for thought too. "Cheeky" is definitely the right word for Kit. He's a very cheeky boy. :D

  2. I enjoyed both characters, they complimented one another nicely even though complete opposites.

    I think you shouldn't be afraid to beef up the sci-fi element. If people want sci-fi, give it to them :D

  3. I'd be interested enough to pick this up in a library if I saw it. Is it a sci-fi with romance or a romance with sci-fi? I'd read it either way, just wondering.

  4. Sarah, it's a romance set in sci-fi surroundings (Romance in space!) but it's m/m (gay) romance - erotica. So unless that is your thing, you might or might not enjoy it.

    It's only available on eBook too.

    I don't tend to read m/m romance generally, but Becky & I go way back-ish.

  5. Honestly? As long as the characters are well drawn and everything is relevant, I don't care who's doing what to who :-)

  6. oh, then you'll enjoy. I really liked the characters, Kit especially. :D


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