Thursday, 25 April 2013

How Quick Does A Week Go?

It feels faster than seven days, that's for sure!

I don't know if it's my house and garden taking up my time amongst the day to day routines of getting kids too/from school, and work, and the housework (I only do the bare minimal!), but here it is again, Thursday! Friday tomorrow - eek!

So, I have printed off my manuscript, The Wedding Favour, and it's Synopsis. I just need to fill in the forms and buy a jiffy envelope. (Forgot to do that this morning, dammit!). Then, I can send it off to the RNA New Writers' Scheme. Yay!

It will take some pressure off me trying to write and edit another novel by August, and the feedback I get back might be useful. Or will make me give up and throw in the towel! (No never! I'll write till I die!)

I have written a couple of short pieces which I do need to consider extending... or looking for a place to send. But at the moment, finding time for writing is proving really difficult.

However, my garden is coming along nicely, and if you've been following me on Facebook or Twitter you'll have seen the transformation. I will do a blog post shortly to show you it. But for now, it being Thursday, it means it's Shirtless Thursday...

Makes us wish summer would arrive and we can all hit the beach... if only it was filled with men looking like this!


  1. Your shed is indeed looking fabulous. :) Good luck with the NWS!

    1. Did you not notice the half naked man on the beach? lol! Dad put shelving in the summerhouse now so I can start moving some stuff into it and declutter the garage. However, I want to paint inside it first. This weekends job I think.

    2. Oh yeah... :D He looks like he just fell over and is all "why am I on my back?"


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