Saturday, 3 August 2013

Third Book Panic

I'm having this panic attack and I haven't even got the second book sent off to the publisher yet. But I keep fearing once that's done I need to write my third book. Eeek!

The other night, while sipping champagne and delving into an Eton Mess, I did discuss my ideas for a third book with a writer friend. And thankfully she did say it sounded promising! Phew! I just need to work out a few plot holes. But I think the plot will thicken as I start to write the book - I hope!

As there is nothing left to do with my first book, but promo to the hilt, I'm going to get that second book polished and over to my publisher, so that I can start writing that third book. (Actually it's all rather exciting.) I need to get this ball rolling. Apparently it's the only way to see the royalties come in and make a difference. 

And I need that difference. 

On Monday my book, now called Plus One Is A Lucky Number (it's had another name change), will be available on Amazon. So watch this space, peeps! I'll be able to share my cover and the publisher! Yay! I can't wait. Can you? 

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