Sunday, 3 November 2013

Would You Like To Read My Short Story?

Last night I attended a local writing competition awards ceremony for The SSSC. (Somerset Short Story Competition). I didn't come anywhere in the competition - but then I wasn't sure if I would. I entered the competition to get me back into writing, because this was before I'd been offered my contract by Harper Impulse. 

The theme was 'Lost', and a short story I'd written some time ago I felt fitted this theme, so I entered it - with a bit of tweaking to fit the word count!

I do really like this story, as although I was not in the situation as my character, I did fear that I would not bond with my first born baby, so I had this experience to draw upon.

I'm not sure how long I will keep the story up for or not, yet. However, I thought I would share this story as I want to give it a home. It's not romance, it's certainly not women magazines style of story (I've tried!) either, therefore I don't think commercially I can find a place for it.

I've put it over on my website using its blog feature within it (but I like my blog over here thank you! lol!). That way I can add more short stories if I choose by creating new posts.

Short stories certainly don't seem to be my strength, however the ones I have written usually tend to have a romantic theme amongst them. Therefore, I have sent over three of my favourites to my editor, and hopefully Harper Impulse might be able to use those in some shape of form. (Watch this space). I really hope so, because again, they're lacking a home. (You writers out there will know what I mean!)

If you would like to read my short story, click on the link here: Life After Death. And let me know what you think. It's not gory or anything like that. It's an emotional journey of a woman in labour.

You can leave comments here or on at the website, I don't mind. :)

Right, back to the novel writing... I appear to be better at those.

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