Sunday, 17 November 2013

Watering Cans and Sprinklers

In the beginning... 
I've been meaning to post on my blog about my garden for like ALL Summer!

Now it's a miserable November, and we are gearing ourselves up for Christmas, I thought I'd cheer us up with some summer sunshine!

Dad has been out there planting bulbs which my garden sorely missed in Spring, so I thought I'd (finally) share the transition of my small garden.

My ever helpful eldest (sometimes)
Can't leave Dad for 5 mins...
I'm still trying to encourage the birds to come in to my garden. I don't know if it's because it's small, or the season is just all wrong this year with the birds... but I will persevere.

I have a thing for watering cans...
Anyway, here is some of the photos I took of my garden as Summer took hold. I would love to share all of the photos I have taken, but I think the post would go on for too long. :)

Apologies for the higgledy-piggledy way the pictures have posted. This is a pet hate of mine on Blogger at times!

Summer House still standing... 
Summer House and new paving. 
Summer sprinklers and garden fun!

View from Summer House. 
View from kitchen door, with washing out!
What a difference the sun makes, too. It will be interesting next Spring to see what bulbs pop up. I have to thank my Dad for this garden. I really can't take the credit.

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