Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Goose Is Getting Fat...

Are we all getting excited about Christmas? I am!

I've got my presents all wrapped, the decorations are done, I'm impressed with my fake tree (I usually have a real one) and I finished icing the Christmas cake today.

I love making the Christmas cake, but don't actually eat much of it - partly because I know how bad for me it is! I think one slice contains your daily calorie allowance (okay slight exaggeration there). But I just love the idea of having home-made Christmas cake in the house.

The only thing I haven't done is written my Christmas cards. It's one of those things that I feel disorganised about, because I like to think about my son's birthday before Christmas, which is early December. Plus, now being a single mother, I just can't afford the stamps. It's not the cards. My mum has dutifully supplied me with a load of Christmas cards. You could argue that I should write the cards for the friends that I do see. But I do it every year. I have one person (or more) I write a card for and never bloody see before Christmas, so think what was the point?

Oh and the other thing I've got to do is my Written Fireside part - which will be posted on my blog on the 24th December! Eeek! That's this weekend's job to do. So catch up with the story here.

Ben and his Christmas Jumper.
I'm looking forward to the kids breaking up from school (although they were driving me potty this evening) and having a chilled out couple of days before Christmas Day.

For Christmas Eve, providing it's not raining, I want to take the boys down to the local church to do carol singing. (I'm not overly religious but this is a really lovely evening out - okay, you've got me, I go for the mulled wine.) Then, I've got The Polar Express for us to sit and watch before sending the boys up to bed. I'm hoping this will make them nice and sleepy - and they won't wake up ultra early Christmas Day! (Fat chance).

It will be our first Christmas in our new home. Christmas Day is exactly eleven months!

Today my 9 year old had his school party, so was allowed to turn up in party clothes. He wore one of his Christmas jumpers that seem all the rage this year. Very Bridget Jones in a cool way lol!
Garish jumper aka Bridget Jones

I have two Christmas Jumpers. I couldn't resist. I bought a garish one ready for wearing to work. (And when Ben saw it, he wanted one too!) And then I couldn't resist the more stylish, posh jumper from Sainsburys. I'll be wearing that one Christmas day.

Do you have a Christmas Jumper? Are you planning on wearing yours on Christmas Day? Or like Bridget, will your mum pick out an outfit that looks close to blending in with the carpet?

Posh jumper.
Please share your Christmas Jumpers... put links to photos in the comments if needs be. :)

Merry Christmas x x x

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