Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Where Has My Baby Gone?

Today my son turned 9. Next year we're into the double figures (eek!) but at times it feels like yesterday that he was a babe in my arms, or my cheeky, mischievous toddler. Now, he's sensible but can chat back as well as any teenager. I didn't realise the attitude would start to show so early.

It's funny how over the weekend, when my mum visited, we were discussing my sister, who had her 26th birthday yesterday. We both couldn't believe how time had flown and she was 26! With fourteen years between us, I remember Katie growing up from baby to toddler to teenager like I'm seeing Ben do now.

Ben took his time coming into this world - I went into labour on the 2nd December, and telephoned my mum to say it looked like my new baby would share its birthday with my sister. But oh no, the 3rd December came and went in a gas and air induced blur. Over thirty hours later, on the 4th December at 6.36am Ben emerged.

Things haven't changed with Ben. When talking to teachers about his progress at parents evenings, his last teacher in Year Three gave him such praise, then ended it with, "But he's soooo slow."

Ben does tend to go off into a dream world (like his mum), and then he can be a bit of a perfectionist (unless it comes to homework) and wants to make sure things are done correctly (like his dad).

Although he's not overly enamoured with some of the things he has to do in literacy, he does enjoy reading and he's even making up his own stories (so maybe he will take after his mum).

Too cute not to post again!
Ben is quietly confident. Last year (i.e year 3) he played Jacob in his year's production of Joseph. He put his heart and soul into his performance on stage. He's not afraid to get up and do something. He's already showing his independence. He's not clingy, in fact, it's totally uncool for me to expect a kiss from him as he goes off to his classroom at the start of school.

I used to get away with keeping his hair short, especially as he has a double crown (like his dad). But he's wanted to grow it all summer, and so it's now a mop! He has soooo much hair (like his mum). Shhh! Don't tell Ben, I've got a hairdresser's appointment booked for next week, where hopefully she'll add some style (to keep me happy) and keep the length (to keep Ben happy).

Recent visit to Cadbury Garden Centre
He plays wonderfully with his brother, and then they can fight well too. They know how to push each others buttons - and mine! Yet when in trouble, they do stick together. I can see them being the best of friends.

I know I am biased but he was a handsome baby, and I hope he'll grow into a handsome man.

Happy birthday, Ben.

Remember I always love you, even when I'm angry, stroppy and strict with you. I do it only because I want to make you the best you can be - plus I'm bringing up a future husband! I want my daughter-in-law to thank me! remember toilet seat down, wash your hands, and put your dirty washing in the laundry basket...

x x x

p.s. You'll never be too big to have a cuddle with your mum.

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