Thursday, 22 January 2015

I Love My Job

I've been neglecting my blog again haven't I? With the excitement of my second book publishing, I've sort of forgotten about over here. Sorry.

I'll give you a bit of a catch up on life.

Yesterday I handed my notice in at the school. I work one day a week as a dinner lady there. It used to be three days, until I transferred into the Post Office.

I continued to work in the school in the hope it might lead to bigger and brighter things because every mum dreams of working in a school. It fits around the kids and school holidays, blah blah blah...

Well, I either don't have a face that fits or must be rubbish at my job, because two administrative positions came and went, and I never got a look in. Nope, not even an interview.

What interviews I've had at other schools were unsuccessful and I have learnt that to get a job in a school it's not what you know... it's who. Sorry, but that is the truth of it.

Having been out of the professional environment for ten years, I did question my ability. And then I got a job in the Post Office, and have the responsibility of opening up the office on my own every Saturday, and I handle large amounts of money... so actually, I am still good at my job.

I decided I love my Post Office role, and this fits around the kids. I've done it for a year now and survived covering school holidays and inset days, I would waste no more time trying to find that perfect job in the school. It isn't there. I was sitting there, filling out application forms and attending interviews, when I should have been writing.

By leaving my dinner lady position, this will give me three solid days to concentrate on my writing, and allow me some relaxation if I meet a friend for coffee, or need to pop to the shops; I can still get my writing done. There is no way I can sit at this desk for six hours. I'd be crippled. So I do tend to do an hour, then some house work or my exercising (running or pilates) then come back for another hour and so on.

Today I am over on Jane Linfoot's blog talking PRETTY FEET.  Please pop along and see my gorgeous shoes!

And now I'm going to crack on with writing book three, where the hero looks very similar to Henry Cavill.... Yes! I love my job...

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