Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Happy Birthday, Mum

I want to wish my mum a very happy birthday, and tell her how much I love and appreciate her.

Sometimes, I don't know where I'd be without my mum. I know that we live further away now, but she's always at the end of the phone. I know I probably cause her worry, but deep down she knows she made me strong. And I am. Because of her.

I feel really blessed because I have a fantastic relationship with both of my parents who support me in different ways. My dad supports me physically, with the house and garden, but my mum is awesome because she's there for me mentally with her advice and encouragement. And I know I can confide in her about anything. My mum taught me not to take crap - particularly from men. She has certainly provided me with my strong will.

She can drive me a bit bonkers at times - usually when trying to feed my children - her grandsons - with copious amounts of chocolate. And she loves a bargain, to the point of OCD! But I'm sure I drive her nuts at times too.

My mum will not do anything by halves.... and I certainly know where I got the crazy from!

Happy birthday, Mum. Love you so much! I hope that my younger siblings don't wind you up too much on your special day, and you're spoilt rotten. x x x

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