Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Will this be a new word in the dictionary: Lol!?

In my naive, early days on forums and such, of not understanding what it meant, I thought LOL was short for 'Lots Of Love'. I think because I'd seen it at the end of something, not in the middle. But I did wonder at the time, why would you put lots of love there? And to someone you hardly know?

Anyway, I got educated. Can't remember now if I asked what it meant or I googled it. Probably googled it. That's what I do nowadays. If in doubt, Google... or YouTube...

For those unsure, it means 'Laugh Out Loud'. It's expressing someone giggling, chuckling and having a good old laugh at whatever they've written or read. You're meant to take whatever the person has written as humorous. Or if you've found it funny, you'll answer with a 'lol'.

I do use it a lot in texting and messaging. I am guilty of this. In fact I like it sometimes better than a smiley face, but I do try not to over use it.

However, recently, I've noticed kids 'of today' - now I do sound old - are saying "Lol". Not as in saying L.O.L. spelling it out... like we spell out bad words that we don't what our kids to hear. (That only works until they go to school and learn to spell). These kids are actually saying 'loll', as in shortening a word like Lolly. My ten year old does it. And I heard a girl the other day shout it to her friend as they walked home from secondary school. The conversation had clearly amused her.

But why not laugh, or chuckle? Why are they saying Lol to express they've found something funny?

Am I getting old? Should I keep up with the times? I thought I was doing pretty well using it... and LMAO, or even better, if completely hilarious, ROFLMAO! (Roll on floor laughing my arse off).

Bet they can't say that!

Anyway, answers on a postcard, please. Lol!

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