Monday, 14 September 2015

A Dismal Day in #Dismaland

Dismaland could well be what Weston-super-Mare needed. Oh, the irony that it's at Weston! Only a local can probably appreciate it.

I'm not sure if there's another suitable, run down old seaside town it could move to, but I assume this is what may happen. I dearly hope that it will stay longer than it's estimated departure of the 27th September 2015. So many more people would love to get to see this exhibition - and it's bringing thousands into our seaside town, people who would probably never set foot here.

With topical debate about the Tropicana staying or going - it's been closed virtually since I moved to Weston in 1998 - in its dilapidated state, it was the perfect venue for Dismaland. With the buildings crumbling, there were even old cigarette butts lying around and I wondered if they'd been left there for dismal-effect.

I was lucky enough to go last Thursday with a good friend, and tried not to laugh as I entered, otherwise the staff told you off. The staff, to add to the dismal experience were miserable... you couldn't help but laugh. They were brilliant actually. I don't know how they kept it up.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience way more than I actually thought I would. Dismaland really is an interesting slant on an art galley. It is poignant, controversial, political art, and not suitable for children - well, in my opinion. I'm certainly not taking mine.

Some of it is shocking, some of it you may not overly agree with. It's opinions and views of the artists at the end of the day. I was in the park for just over three hours, and could easily have stayed longer to take more of it in. There is so much to see and read.

If you're lucky enough to get tickets - (more go on sale Wednesday) - take this bemusement park with a pinch of salt. And have a camera handy!

What I will say is, when I stepped out of Dismaland, to return to my car to collect the boys from school, I couldn't believe how busy the seafront was. I can't help but think this has been a boost to Weston's economy and local businesses. But when Dismaland goes... what will become of its dismal host? Is there a future for the Tropicana?

As you can see, the weather wasn't dismal... in fact it turned very hot!

Oh, and if you do get to go... and you visit the 'library' (which is a caravan, right hand side of the park, top corner- ish) - see if you can find my bookmarks which a friend so kindly left there for me... :)

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