Monday, 11 January 2016

I'm A Dryathlete - Please Support Me!

Two weekends down... three more to go! Or 11 days down, 20 to go...

This my second year of participating in Cancer Research's Dryathlon. I couldn't do it last year as I knew I had a friend's 40th birthday to attend, but I had participated the year before (2014).

I don't do this for health purposes because I live life moderately anyway, and believe in everything in moderation. I usually only drink at weekends, and sometimes that's just a glass of wine in front of the telly or while reading. (Sometimes a night might heavier if out with company).

The reason I do this is to give back to Cancer Research. 

Sister, and Best Auntie Ever! 
My sister was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2010 and I've never felt so useless while she endured so much pain, heartache, fear and hair loss. She is fit and healthy now, and that really is thanks to Cancer Research, as well as her own strength and determination! Therefore, my way of feeling that I can help my little sister is by giving blood regularly and raising money when I can - and let's face it this one isn't too hard to do. I just feel I want to give back any way I can to show appreciation to all the doctors, nurses, etc who have helped my sister beat cancer.

The minimum you can donate is £2 and that's all I am asking as I know it's a tough time being just after Christmas. But if even half my friends on FB and Twitter gave just £2 - I would smash my £100 target!

Cancer Research really is a good cause. They are doing marvellous work.

The link to my page is below. As I can't seem to update it, I'm going to update this blog over the month with my stories.

Weekends will be my hardest as that's when I like to have a glass of wine. This Friday night just gone, after a long day at work, and stress with my rattling car, I made myself a hot chocolate with squirty cream instead of reaching for the wine bottle. And on the Saturday, I went out with friends to a lovely Italian restaurant... and had no wine! I made sure I was driving, too, which means I really can't drink even if slightly tempted.

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