Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mixed Feelings

We're into the second week of the Easter holidays, and next week won't feel normal either, as my husband is taking off the three days in between Easter and the Royal Wedding weekend to get eleven consecutive days off work.

I've done hardly any writing, well, editing, because that's what I'm supposed to be doing at the moment. I've tried to work solidly of an evening, but that's about it. I finished Run Rabbit Run the other day, but haven't picked another book up as I need to crack on with this editing. Last night I did read some of my Writing Magazine but considering we're over half way through the month I am not half way through the magazine.

I am enjoying my time with the boys, and taking them out - but by golly, does it cost money? And staying at home every day isn't an option. The odd lazy day, however we need to get out now and then - I'd go stir crazy. Even the boys go stir crazy! But I'm missing those three hours of peace, where I get to do my run, writing, blogging, housework, reading, even some shopping.

One good thing, if I haven't had time to write, I haven't had time for housework either. Bare essentials are being done, but I'm not stressing over it. Luckily hubby put the hoover round over the weekend, letting me off the hook for a bit. House looks lived in, that's all I can say. Though I look at my conservatory and think I must clean it - how do windows on the inside get so dirty!? I know it will be a long job though, so it's been pushed to the bottom of my to do pile. If I'm cleaning my conservatory, I won't be writing!

So far this holiday, we've been to Slimbridge to feed the duckies, Minehead on a steam train, visited Nanny Sylvie and Auntie Katie, and while there caught up with an old school friend (that's me doing the catching up, while our kids played lovely together).  We've been to the cinema (today) to see Rio. Tomorrow we are Going On A Bear Hunt at the Playhouse Theatre, and Thursday we're off to Puxton to meet more friends. All fun, but no writing. Must call it research instead. A writer needs a life to be able to write, I suppose. I just need to find the romance in it!