Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Look At Me!

Kerry ready to pop, I had 2 months to go!
You may or may not be aware that I went home in the Easter holidays to see my mum, and arranged to meet my friend Kerry and her family. Kerry and I have been friends since we were 8 years old. (So that's not very far off thirty years now!)

The last time I'd seen Kerry, we'd both looked like this <--- she carrying Erin, and me carrying Kieran. That was over 4 years ago!

Twitter Face
So it was time we met up again!

Facebook Pose- I'm not up to mischief, honest!
I also arranged for Kerry, now a professional photographer (Kerry J Photography) to do some headshots for me, as I use my blog and Twitter for my writing, and would like to be seen to be professional... plus the only decent picture I could find of me was with the hair covering my face - that was deliberate! 

Most Intellectual!
Kerry likes to get the light right, apparently it's important! And we went to some woods local to her (I can't remember the name of them). And these are the results! Seriously, I've never looked so good... except maybe on my wedding day!

I kept my make-up to a minimum, though I can't leave the house without foundation, because I didn't want pictures of me so glammed up that if you did bump into me in the street, you'd think I looked washed out. Admittedly, I still won't look this good!

Kerry also advised the best clothes to wear, and after bringing practically a wardrobe load with me, we went with this blue, (fake) woolly top, because the texture comes out brilliant in black and white photographs - as you can see!

Kerry gave me eleven shots to choose from, and I couldn't decide between two, so I've picked six. The one I use for Twitter, is my favourite colour photo. I'm not saying the others weren't good, but you know how you just like your own pictures and the faces you pull, right? And now seeing it on Twitter it looks fab! It's perfect.

I've used a bit more of a cheeky photo for Facebook, because really a lot of close friends and family are there, and although I have writers friending me now, so I tend to be less ranty than I used to be, I wanted a more 'me' photo as my headshot.
Ultimate favourite... might become blogger pic.

I've chosen a black and white picture for my blog, so if I change my blog colours, the black and white will always go. Though, I am wondering whether to save this picture, it might make a great book jacket cover, don't you think?

The fourth picture is my favourite of the lot. I asked a friend to look at the photos and give me her opinion on the ones she liked. And like she said, 'it's the one with my most natural smile.' Looking at it now, I'm tempted to make it my blog profile picture. What do you think?

All I can say is, if you want a photographer to put you at ease (I'm extremely nervous when it comes to photos) and is friendly and fun, look up Kerry J Photography. Look at her photo blog... her pictures are amazing!

I just hope Kerry doesn't have to wait too long to see one of her photographs inside a book jacket.

(p.s. I'll save the other two photos for another day).