Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Weekly Pocket Novel Review

Shame these things don't count towards my Goodreads book count lol! But I've read another pocket novel - slowly, it's been in my handbag.

Review: Rescue My Heart by Carol MacLean 

It's not a bad story, Kate is the eldest of four siblings, and seems to keep the family going etc. especially after their father's death.

Callan is the hero. But I just didn't like that they weren't on the page often enough together. He seemed to announce he loved Kate after one day of meeting!

There were a few knots to tie up, and a couple of them I felt were a bit too 'happy' ending. I mean, would you really want to be Godmother to your ex-boyfriend's child? The history is that her best mate run off with him, but even so. There is burying the past, and then there is burying the past. I could believe that they'd become friends again, but not the Godmother part. I wanted to stick my fingers down my throat!

And the story doesn't really resolve what Kate is going to do in the end either. I would have preferred that tied up. 

A little too much telling for me in this story, and not enough showing. It has a nice element and back story with the rescue centre and the family, but not enough showing of the romance blossoming. For me, out of the three pocket novels I've read, I enjoyed this the least.

And if you're wondering why I'm reading pocket novels, it's all for research. Just seeing what types of stories get published, and to give me a feel for short stories and the types of story lines that get accepted.


  1. Must admit that I think I'd be even less likely to want to be a godmother to an ex's child if he'd run off with my best friend! That would take a heck of a lot of past-burying, wouldn't it?

    I'm going to be interested to see what the new 50k novellas are going to be like. I know I chucked a couple more sub-plots into my western romance, but I did try to ensure that my hero and heroine, even if they weren't on the same page all the time, always met up somehow within a chapter.

  2. Yes, I did find her being asked to be Godmother to their unborn baby a little "twee". i.e. far too sickly for my liking.

    Yes, you're right. Because basically a M&B novel can be 50k (can't it?)
    Or is it 70K?

    Do they pay more now they want 50K that is the question?

    Also, yes, if it's romance, you do need to get the hero and heroine together sharpish... (which I'm failing with my current novel, but it's a bit about brother and sister too). I just felt that I was told the romance was blossoming, not shown... There really is a difference ;-) (Which I of course know you understand).


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