Thursday, 12 May 2011

Had To Share My Present

Today I met a very good friend for coffee up at Sainsbury's. It's the great thing about being a full time mum and not having to work. There are perks!

Anyway, my lovely friend gave me this present. She's read the first draft of The Wedding Favour, and gave me some useful feedback. It's a notebook, the pages inside are blank. But the cover of it is just great.

I haven't decided whether to put it up by my bed, so if inspiration strikes there, I can write in it, or keep it by my PC as a motivator. Plus, the young man in this picture has given me some inspiration for Perfect Isn't An Option. I needed a visual for a character who I would like to become the love interest for Ruby, who is Steve's sister. At the moment his name is Brett. I think this man may be him, the more and more I look at him.

Thank you, Becky, for the best present ever!This really did make my day, plus, obviously, meeting up with you and your two handsome, well dressed boys.


  1. Oh what a wonderful present!

    I would put it by your computer so you can look at the cute guy often for...inspiration ;)

  2. Oh, Sarah, your comments returned!
    Yes it's a wonderful pressie, and I've kept it in my study and look at it regularly!

    I can't quite decide which book to make notes in it though. I should use it... but want to make sure I use it on the right thing lol!


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