Monday, 23 May 2011

Do You Need Romance Writing Advice?

Liz Fielding is giving advice on writing romance over on her blog, first post Ask An Author and I thought I would share!

Liz provides some really great advice and if you've never read one of her books I urge you to! Liz has a way of making her characters sizzle, they're so sensual and the tension mounts between her hero and heroine... and because she writes for Cherish/Sweet genre for Mills and Boon, you never see the bedroom! It's fade to black, or the door closes. But with Liz's stories, you don't need to - the sexual tension and the frustration is the interesting bit and she has the reader hooked fabulously.

I'm waiting for my Tempted By Trouble to arrive! And can't wait. Liz's latest book. The Riva's I've so far read have had some hot bedroom scenes, so I'm interested to see how far Liz has taken her 'romance'. 

I do worry The Wedding Favour doesn't quite put Sophie and Adam together quick enough, and so I did make Adam show up at the pub in chapter one, before James finds Sophie's wedding invitation. Will definitely go back and see if I can get to this sooner again... sometimes the setting can come a little later. I do need Sophie to jump off the page, and get the readers hooked.

Steve doesn't meet his love interest until later on in Perfect Isn't An Option. And Ruby, his sister, plays a heroine type role of her own. But the key is, when I go back to the editing, that the reader falls for Steve and wants to continue reading his story... right?

Neither of my books fit Mills and Boon genres but I'm hoping they'll find their place in the romance/contemporary world of fiction... one day.


  1. Oooh that's a good link. Will check out Liz's blog now. Thanks!!

  2. Check out some of her books too! They're fab :D

  3. Oooh, yet another interesting blog to take a look at, thanks :)


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