Monday, 23 May 2011

This Is What A Romantic Novelist Looks Like...

...or at least an aspiring one.

Some of you may or may not have read this article from Claudia Connell at The Daily Mail. Apparently, all romance writers are little old biddies with blue rinses, twin-sets (whatever they are, I'm not even sure) and pearls.

Well, it's got some romance novelists riled. And quite rightly so, because they are far from getting their blue rinse yet! (Do hairdressers even do that any more... surely it's got to be a dying fashion?). So much so Kate Johnson aka Cat Marsters urges us to post photos on our blogs and to advertise it everywhere!

So this is me.

My name is Teresa Morgan. 

I'm 37 years of age, and my hairdresser reassures me not a grey hair in sight! 

Do like the odd pink bon-bon though.

I get to use my lovely headshot photos again... thought I'd pick a colour one to emphasis the no grey hair bit.

So if you're a romance writer and the Daily Mail has got you riled, post your photo and share with us all!


  1. And a very attractive romance writer you are too Teresa. Go girl. Mx

  2. Ah, thanks, Morton. Hoping I'll be able to use a picture inside a book jacket one day ;-)


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