Friday, 13 May 2011

My Writing Progress

Tonight I started my writing staring at my monitor wondering how to piece a scene together. I'm still not sure I've got it right, but the best bit about writing is editing... editing makes writers look so clever. I've learnt that much. (Although I wouldn't say editing is easier! Far from it.)

Then, events that lead from that scene flowed beautifully.

Steve does something utterly stupid, because yes, his brain is back down in his pants - he might be a celebrity, but he's also male, and Ruby goes off the wall at him. And I thoroughly enjoyed writing that moment.

I am slightly worried that the story, albeit a romance, isn't very romancey at the moment. Ruby is really the heroine of the story, and she's Steve's sister. Lydia, Steve's intended love interest is the secondary heroine. I've not even written anything in her point of view - and not sure whether to, actually. I'd say 85-90% is Steve's (I'm going to need a male proof reader aren't I, to make sure he sounds bloke-ish enough). The other 10-15% I've done in Ruby's.

But this story is about Steve and Ruby too. And I've decided that Ruby will find a love interest of her own. And thanks to my present I received yesterday (that I've now blogged twice about, thanks to blogger losing original post) I've got a visual for Brett.

I suppose when you read a romance like Mills and Boon you expect the Hero and Heroine to meet practically on the first page, or at least in the first chapter. But I'm not writing this for Mills and Boon, so hopefully it will fit somewhere. I'm going to write my story, then worry about the publishing side of things. Let's just enjoy the writing, huh?

Don't panic, I think I know what I'm doing...  

As anticipated, this story has taken over. I'm supposed to be doing my second fiction assignment, too... but have failed miserably. Maybe I'll get some extra time at the weekend, if I get my 1000 words out of the way early and all that.

Oh, and I've put a counter on my blog which I update each day with my new word count, so you can see how well (or badly) I'm doing for May - You Write Your Novel challenge.