Sunday, 8 May 2011

Now I Am Worried - 1000 books?

Today, in my tea break at work I was able to read my May issue of Writing Magazine.

I know, I know, my June issue has already arrived and I'm not even half way through this magazine!

I managed to read the article on Lee Child. It was very interesting. I do tend to like reading about different authors, it actually makes me go buy their books, (or follow them on Twitter and add their books to my to-read list). That's how I came about to read Gerald Seymour's The Collaborator and stumbled across Sue Moorcroft.

I liked Lee Child's ideas about language and even agreed with him. He raised good points about characters too, and I even would now like to read one of his books. I'm interested in his 'Jack Reacher'. (Which one should I read first?)

What worried me is that he said, "If you are starting to write and you haven't read a thousand books first, you're not ready." 

Maybe I need to up my forty books a year challenge? I've read far from 1000 books!

I agree that you need to read, but do I have to wait until I've reached a thousand?