Thursday, 5 May 2011

W.O.W. - Writers Group

This is it! This is it! I am now, officially, a writer. Because, yes, I attended a writers group.

Okay - I am a writer, because I write. But it really was lovely to meet fellow writers and talk writing, and not feel like I was crazy. Bit like when I met Becky Black last Thursday!

Tonight there were seven of us, with a couple of apologies, so not a bad size.

And no disrespect to any of the members there tonight, but I did feel very newbie to it all, being one of the youngest. There was another woman of similar age and she had two children, a bit older than mine, but the others did seem like veterans. Some of them wrote poetry, a couple had self published, and two others particularly, like me, are trying to go down the 'traditional' route.

We're going to meet the first Thursday of every month. Unfortunately I won't be able to make the next one, as I'll be on hols, but I'll be sticking the rest in my diary.

I must admit I do value my online writery friends and their feedback, and I don't ever want to lose that. There are two people in particular I trust vehemently. I know how I'll receive feedback, (and it's not always good, but it's honest). It sounds daft, but we've learnt to work with one another, we work really well, bouncing ideas off each other etc. So, it will be interesting working with writers face to face, and I definitely want to contribute - but there is that worry how my contribution will be received? 

Suck it and see, as they say :D

At the moment, we're trying to come up with a name, and we've got Word-smiths of Weston (as we can't have Worle Writers) - hence WOW!