Friday, 20 January 2012

What? Friday Already!

Does anyone else find it a bit freaky that Friday comes around far too quickly?

Most people, who work during the week, love Fridays. I used to be one of those people too. It means the end of the week, the beginning of the weekend. To me it means Work. Only three hours this afternoon but they are the slowest three hours of my life. I may have told you this before.

This weekend is my weekend off, but I'd put myself down for three hours overtime (nice 9am-12 number), which has since turned into six hours and getting up at 5.30am. Boo! (Just think of the money, Teresa!)

I've just come back from a job interview at the school - Think Victoria Wood's Dinner Ladies :D

Although working in the week means eating into my writing time, I do need the extra cash and it would be 1 hour and 10 minutes out of my day three days a week. Okay, it'll turn out more than like an hour and a half by time I've walked there and back etc.

I have been fretting recently. On one hand I need to make some money, so wonder should I concentrate on short stories and articles. They're quicker, get more out and likely to get a higher hit rate. But you do need to buy magazines and read the content to get the ideas flowing! Or, do I stick with the novels? I enjoy writing the novels, but the reward maybe very long term, and a very long way off. Having joined the RNA NWS, I have to concentrate on novels anyway, as I need to send one off before 31st August.

I've spoken to some friends and they say write what you love. And to be honest, I think it would show in my writing... so I'll stick for the novels, get it set in my head my reward will come, but it may take a few years... and stick at it with Tescos and (hopefully) with the school if I get the dinner lady job for the cash I need to carry on 'living'.

In other news, I have added an F to my name, as you may well see on this blog and on Twitter. I wanted to distinguish myself from The Other Teresa Morgan.

I don't have a middle name, so the F stands for Frewing - obviously! But as Jane Holland kindly pointed out in my last post, Frewing is not a romantic author name. (Which is a real shame because it's bloomin' unique). So, I've decided, maybe, as long as I keep Teresa, I'm going to just make up a surname. So if you have any suggestions for romantic surnames, drop them below in the comments box. What goes nicely with Teresa?

I quite like Hart. But imagine there are zillions of romance authors with Hart as their surname. (Edit: You will never believe this, just spoken to my dad, and my Grandmother's maiden name was Hart!)

I'm going to find out my grandmother's maiden name and maybe use that. My Nan's is Gore, my mum's is Habicht. Neither of these scream romance. Frewing sounds more romancy than them two put together!

Or maybe I could find something to double barrel with Morgan? Morgan-Hart, Morgan-Gray, Morgan-????

Answers on a postcard please... or comment below (as it's cheaper).

And here's your reward for reading my blog...

Oh wet muscular bodies are the best!
oh, what about Teresa Bradley-Cooper :-P