Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Votes For My New Blog Look

What do you think? I have to thank @biscuit_zombie for the banner. Which I'm also using on my Facebook profile. But I do have to thank again, Kerry J Photography for taking the photos in the first place!

Next will be the website updated :D

Anyway, do you like? Therm, as her other alias, made it pink and I thought WOW! We'd (well she'd) been playing with the black and white photos, and I'll go with one of those for my website, but this I thought was jazzy for my blog. But it didn't go with the hearts, so I've been trawling Hot Bliggity Blog to see if I can find one of their fancy patterns to suit.

So what do you think?

Or are you too busy looking at him? --->

Thanks to Becky Black posting, I read this blog post (How not to blog) and its advice - I recommend it by the way! No white text on black, and keeping posts short and sweet, and all that. I was glad to see I was getting a lot right! Another thing it mentions is setting days for blogging. This is something I haven't done.

Sometimes I'll blog once in a week, if it's December I blog every day. Would you prefer a set day for me to blog?

I find, with blogging, I can be sporadic. I think of something and have to tell you about it - right away! So I personally don't like setting myself to a set day. And what if I miss the set day? That will just add to my stress. And what if I've got nothing to say to post on the set day? Even worse!

I would be interested on your thoughts, as you're my readers.

I was also concerned, wanting to raise my followers, but it suggested not to get hung up about that. Quality not quantity, remember? Better to have less followers but they are readers, than lots of followers that don't actually read your blog.

Thank you for reading! Or are you still looking at Alcide?


  1. Love the new look, Teresa! As for when to blog - blog when you have something to say. That way it will seem more natural rather than forced because you feel you have to blog at a particular time. Just my opinion. :o)

  2. Absolutely love it. It's stunning.

  3. It looks nice. Pinky and purply colours but not overwhelming.

    I aim to do a post every weekend - so any time between first thing Saturday and late Sunday I can get it on there, which means I've got a good chunk of time, rather than just one day, which takes the pressure off a little! Figuring out how to schedule posts and also how to set them up as drafts and post them later from my phone helped me to keep to my schedule even when away from home, so that's been good.

    Coming up with subjects is hard if you do anything more than once a month I think. If I was you I'd save up the stuff you think of and would otherwise post right away and do them on your posting day or weekend or whatever. But write them down! LOL. I'm sure I thought of something earlier today, but didn't make a note and now I can't remember it. I've got another on, but don't want to post that until next weekend!

    Of course post an out of schedule one with any important news!

  4. It looks great! And I'm definitely off to check out the advice about blogging.

  5. I'm really not worried which days you post. My reader just tells me when there is something new to read, (or look at!), so I don't miss anything.

    I think the new look is really pretty.

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I might keep to my same sporadic ways for the time being. I pressure myself enough with my writing, let alone then panicking that I need a blog post on a certain day. I do try to post weekly at least and any more than that is a bonus. But I do try not to over blog too, as I don't want to overdo it and find readers don't have the time to read my blog. If that makes sense?

    Glad you like the new look, too!

    And, Sarah, I really need to get in the habit of looking at my Google reader. I'm really lame at times at blog reading. I tend to catch them on FB or Twitter, and go from there. Or look at my most recent in my blog roll on this blog. (Which I'll make sure I have all your blogs on - I think I have :D)


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