Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A New Job Thrown Into The Mix

It all happened a bit quick, but I've got a new job. The role is Lunchtime Supervisor aka dinner lady at my boys' school. I don't dish up the food, I just supervise them eating and then out in the playground.

Today was my second day and I survived! And LOVED it.

Dear God, you have to have eyes in the back of your head! You can not relax even for a second. Seriously, do not turn your back on them. I was monitoring approximately 60 5-6year olds (Year 1). The knees scraped, 'play' fighting and so-and-so won't let me play with them that goes on is constant! Thank goodness it is only for an hour and ten minutes. I have to say, hats off to teachers!

I might need to arm myself with wetwipes or something though. Some kids get soooo messy, and I get stressed with my two not sitting at the table properly lol! I amaze myself at how patient I am with other people's children. I'm terrible with my own.  

The only thing that will annoy me about this job is the stupidity of parenting I'm afraid. The amount of junk fed to kids....(when the school actually specifies no crisps or chocolate in the lunch boxes!) Don't they realise they are our future? Anyway... that's another rant which I won't go into here.

This week has been manic, too, because I've been doing some overtime at my other job (I'll be rolling in it February with extra cash - she hopes), - some training. So not much writing (during the day) is being achieved. I have sat here tonight and done a couple of hours of editing thought...

I went for the job with the school because it wasn't as if I couldn't do with the money, and the fact that it's in school, it's term time only and all that. Plus I never knew if that job would ever appear again in my lifetime (they are like gold dust) so had to go for it. It will work perfect around the kids. Who knows, I might be able to give up my Friday shift at Tescos some time in the future...

So next week, I'm hoping to get myself into a better routine and work around this shift that will be in the middle of my day - it'll be an hour and a half by the time I've walked there and back I suppose. It's three lunchtimes a week; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, but I've managed to be collared for doing Mondays too for the time being. (So Tuesday is my only FREE day - so will be designated to writing me thinks!).

Anyway, this week with all the manic-ness of it all (working in *my* time that is), I don't envy mothers who work full time. Who does their housework? (And believe me, I'm not someone who scours the house everyday with bleach - I do the bare essentials). Or have they got a special man slave? One that looks like Adam Levine would be nice.... He could sing while he dusts!

I posted this on Facebook (well shared from another source). A cheeky looking David Beckham... some of you may approve.  I've got mixed feeling about how heavily he's tattooed his arms. But he's still sexy.

I wonder if he'd do my hoovering... 


  1. Good luck with the new job and I most definitely approve of the David Beckham pic!!! X

    1. I'm enjoying it. It's hard work, and extremely full on. But so much fun. Really rewarding in a funny sort of way.

      Okay, glad I've pleased someone with the DB picture :D

  2. Blimey, Becks has gone a bit mental with the tattoos there!

    Sounds like the new job is right up your street. Have fun!

    1. It does look like he's wearing sleeves doesn't it? But he wears them well.

      I am loving the new job. I'm wondering if I'll be saying that though in a few months time, but it is really good fun, as long as you keep patient and just try to correct their little wrongs the best you can. It's great to be bossy, if I'm honest :D And they listen! (unlike my kids).

  3. I was a dinner lady when my children were small, I loved it. At that age they still (sometimes) listen to you :-)

    1. Yes, I'm finding it great fun. I can be a wee bit bossy with it. (We had wet play today, so had to get them tidying up at 1pm)

      But yeah, it's hard work, but lots of fun. And the kids are starting to warm to me now :D (I've just got to remember all their names! :-O)

  4. I totally agree with how easy it is to be patient with other kids than your own. I sometimes work with 12 - 15 year olds, and I'm very calm even when they're wandering off in the opposite direction - something I'd be screaming at my kids about!

    '60 five and six year olds' made me shudder, though.

  5. LOL! Yes, glad I'm not the only one. I am inside my head thinking I'd never let my kids get away with this lol!

    Talking to my friend today, who is a dinner lady at a secondary school, I think 60 5 & 6 year olds are actually easier. I don't get the 'back-chat' :D Just 'Why?' lol :D


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