Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

The Mills and Boon New Voice competition's Top Ten have been announced, and as expected I'm not one of them. 

Yes, of course, it would have been nice to be one of them, but I wasn't overly confident that I was what Mills and Boon were looking for.  If my writing was yet to that sort of standard.

Part of me is relieved, I've not been very productive the last couple of weeks.  I can now crack on with my Writer's Bureau assignment (6) which has been on hold for the past two-three months.  Though, looking at that assignment, it looks hard work!  I also want to try and enter each month into the Writing Magazine's short story competitions.  Another way to get a story published, and could win some cash if I'm successful.   And I can't win these things if I'm not in them. 

So there was me thinking I'd put The Wedding Favour (which might get a name change yet) on hold, until my Beta's nagged me that I should keep writing it. 

I did argue that I wasn't sure if I was at the right phase of my life right now.  My youngest son is only at preschool, but come September 2011 he will start school, and both of my children will then be in full time education.  That's six hours a day, five days a week free time!  Okay, so I have to fit housework and exercise into there too, but I thought I would be in a greater position to knuckle down to novel writing.  I'd have a few more assignments under my belt, too.

And you hear of authors and how it took them a year to write their novel, then attempt to get it published.  Does it take a year chipping at it bit by bit or knuckling down spending every free minute of the day?  Because I'm going to have to chip away. 

Anyway, I've mulled it over and drunk copious amounts of coffee.  And there is no reason why I can't keep it ticking over I suppose.  Sophie and Adam have taken over my life!  I'm going to treat my Writer's Bureau stuff as if I were at college, so do that during the week.  And write my novel at weekends, or any 'free periods' I may get between my coursework.  There are times when even an article gets written, it needs to be put to rest for a few days before looking at it again.  Plus squeeze in a short story, remember!

The story is likely to be more aimed as a chick-lit rather than Mills and Boon Tender Romance.  This way, Sophie and Adam don't have to have their 'happy ending' at the end of the wedding, I can drag this out a bit, with some other fun stuff that I have planned.  Means I can expand on some minor characters that I have too. 

Here is the plan:  Once I've finished my second chapter - I did promise it would be put on here - I'll start getting out my Writer's Bureau stuff, and tackle assignment 6.  And just work everything else around it... including reading, housework, feeding the family, baking cakes, and generally running around after the two boys like a loon!  I also have a fanfic series to finish!  I swear there isn't enough time in the day...

I've already sacrificed TV (X-Factor - what's that?)  and if I sacrifice any more sleep I'll be even more irritable than I already am... I could really do with Dr Who turning up right about now - preferably the one looking like David Tennant, and having Captain Jack as his sidekick -  oh like I'd get writing done then!


  1. Sounds like a good plan you've mapped out there. I need to get organised too!

    Personally I could never manage to write when my kids were smaller. I think that was just me not being at the right stage of *my* life though, as lots of women do write novels when they have babies or preschoolers. So if stories are coming, go for it, I say!

  2. Sophia, this is why I thought I wasn't 'ready' to be writing a novel. So much more time involved, I feel... yet, I'll see how it goes. My boys are my priority, and so is my WB coursework, but it could be ticking away I suppose.

  3. What about Dave?! Don't know how you do it all- although I suppose you have more free time with Kieran at pre-school. I would say try and achieve a balance that works for you, this is the start of 'your' time now. And above all, have fun :) xx

  4. Not sure what you mean there - are you implying I ask my husband to do more? lol! He already does the ironing! I'm not as hot on the housekeeping as I'd like to be either :-P I am working, from 7.15am till 11pm at night. It's not paid work (unless at my shop) but it is work. And I enjoy it (most of the time).

    I try to use my 'free time' to write more than get housework done lol! If it's too much I'll put it on hold. Hubby did talk me into it, then when we spoke again, just before bed, he started talking me out of it. Men, huh?!

  5. Well as long as you're happy then it takes as long as it takes. And who needs tv and sleep anyway, huh?! Now Captain Jack is another matter entirely... ;)

    Good luck with the busy schedule!

  6. Sounds like a plan! Lots of writers write novels either a little bit per day, or only on weekends. Perfectly okay to do it that way at least while that's what your schedule dictates. You can always change later. Good idea about entering the short story contest each month. It keeps you generating ideas and characters, some of who might demand a longer story! :D And it gets you used to submitting work. Before you know it you'll be totally blase about that! ;-)

  7. We like plans! :D Yeah, I'm not sure you ever get over that submitting work feeling. I feel nervous emailing my bloody Writer's Bureau tutor :-P

  8. I didn't mean make Dave do more work lol.He is a man after all lol. I meant make sure you find some time for him- Mark gets very grumpy whenever I'm doing a play. Usually because I suddenly realise its been 3 weeks since we actually spoke!!
    Each time I say next time I won't get so involved....but each time I do more than I did the time before. because its what I live for, its what I was born to do (that,and have kids lol)I'm guessing writing is the same for you.
    Some people don't have that, they just have normal hobbies that din't take over their lives in quite the same way. Question is....who is normal?!

  9. We do have film night every Saturday where possible. But he does like full reign of the remote control of the TV. I think he'd hate it if I actually sat with him now... he'd have to put up with what I wanted to watch too ;-P

    When both boys are at school, then more time can be done writing then, and evenings can be slightly more free.

    It's a balancing act being a mum, wife and writer!


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