Friday, 24 September 2010

Productive Morning

The last couple of days I've been feeling lousy with my cold, so I haven't been for my runs but I promise I'll get back to it Monday. 

So this morning, trying to be the typical writer, I drank coffee and read for a bit (Liz Fielding's SOS: Convenient Husband Required - which is right up my street!).  Then flicking through Writing Magazine, I realised I needed to start a short story, because the September issue's was due 15th of October.  

Actually, I stared at a blank page on my computer screen with the first sentence that I had to use...

"We've been here before," said a voice Mary was sure she recognised.

And miraculously, I managed some 1500 words and the voice is a hot ex-squaddy and they both fancy the pants off one another.  

Of course I turned that line into a bloody romance! 

I just let the conversation flow between my two characters, and I hope it's worked.  I particularly like this line and hope it's funny.  It makes me laugh.  Am I allowed to laugh at my own jokes? 

'He’d obviously seen much more horrifying things in his time in the army than non-matching underwear.'

Anyway, I've got to start pulling my finger out and at least doing these monthly ones in Writing Magazine, as well as getting my assignments done.  And if I can bash them out this quickly - hurrah!

After my brain being all in a dreamy state, thinking of my hero, reality hit me with a thump and I had to go off to work.  I prayed that I would be given some eye candy, but to no avail. 

So here... let's have some eye candy.  My latest obsession inspiration for my heroes:

Bradley Cooper

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