Friday, 17 September 2010

I Tried Really Hard Not To Make Him Desireable

Things are hotting up! Over 300 entries now over on the New Voice competition.  Competition closes Wednesday 22nd September.  There's over 1000 users, which I'm assuming means readers.

Mine is still sitting low in the ratings, yet I've had some wonderful feedback - The Wedding Favour. 

I described James as 'tall and lanky' and that seemed to be a turn on.  I really thought the reader's wouldn't fancy him.  I was trying to make him a friend, but not one you'd fancy.  But shows personality can win out.  That's why Sophie likes him - as a friend!  Originally he sounded gay, and I didn't want that, worried it might be too clichĂ© and I really didn't want him being a woman.  But obviously, I just made James too nice.  Going to tone him down... and not mention one word about him being remotely good looking.

So now I've got my work cut out because Adam really needs to be likeable, gosh loveable. Gosh, damn hot sexy!

I think I'll be glad when the second chapters are announced, and I'll be able to walk away as I've not really done anything constructive, writing wise.  Admittedly, I entered this competition knowing that I'd have to participate.  You can't put your story up there, and expect people to read it, if you can't be bothered to read others.  So that has kept me very busy.

I certainly won't get to all 300 of them, but I'm now trying to make sure I've read all the stories of the authors who have read and commented on mine.  And I'll go through Sally's blog, too... you know if I'm bored, and twiddling my fingers.... (highly unlikely).

My second chapter went over to my betas, and they've agreed that I should really write it in Adam's pov solely.  So I have my work cut out and there I was hoping to now just take it easy until I heard... which I very much doubt I will hear from M&B for my second chapter.

But to all those out there interested.  I will post my second chapter on my blog if M&B don't want to see it, because it would be good to hear some feedback about it.

I won't be walking away from this story, but it will have to go back onto a back burner, as I'm just not at the stage in my life where I can dedicate the time to writing a novel.  I want to finish my studying with Writer's Bureau first.  I'll have more time once my youngest son is at school. 

Obviously, if Mills and Boon... (yeah won't hold my breath), then I'll drop everything until this story is fully written. 

Right... better get back to that grindstone.


  1. What a good idea! I might steal this one and post my second chapter on my blog too.

    I think they have had an amazing turnout and must be very pleased.


  2. Well, even if I try and attempt to get this published at a later date, I can't see the harm of one chapter being on my blog. Besides, it's likely to change again, with the comments that I'll probably get for the original story anyway ;-P

    Feel free to steal this idea!

  3. Just goes to show, make a secondary character interesting enough and they'll take over! He's your Spock/Fonzie/Illya Kuryakin/Archie Kennedy/Severus Snape type of dude. :D


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