Tuesday, 7 September 2010

So I Did It!

I entered into the Mills and Boon New Voice competition.  My first chapter is here if you would like to read it.  I am a mix of emotions at the moment, I can't leave the site, looking for new updates, comments, and I want to contribute to others too.  It's all part of the fun!  I'm sort of scared and excited, and there is a thrill that someone has read my work - even close friends, who've never seen anything I've done before.  


The Soldier

Three Times A Bridesmaid...

A Wedding at Leopard Tree Lodge

A Wedding at Leopard Tree Lodge/Three Times A Bridesmaid

Christmas Angel for the Billionaire

Christmas Angel for the Billionaire/Under the Boss's Mistletoe

Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh

Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife

Her Desert Family

Sheikh Boss, Hot Desert Nights

And the Bride Wore Red

Her Desert Dream/And the Bride Wore Red


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There are 32 entries so far, and mine isn't fairing too badly (though this may change from day to day, but currently, date this blog is posted it's positioned 11th) and I've had some really useful and inspiring comments.  I thought there would be hundreds of entries, but it's early days I suppose.  The competition for the first chapter stage closes 22 September 2010. - After posting this... 58 entries now!  (I've got a lot of reading to do)

I don't think the votes will count, Mills and Boon will judge, but it might help with making their decisions, seeing what the readers like etc. 

There are four stories so far in the Warm and Cosy line, (which is Tender Romance/Cherish) and mine is top.  So dead chuffed about that!

I didn't sleep too well last night, I was too bloomin' excited - and more things about this story kept bombarding me.  But now I must get my second chapter up to scratch and get the rest of the story in to some sort of shape... just in case I do need a pivotal moment... though I won't my hold my breath that it will get that far.  I doubt I'll get asked for a second chapter.

So my Writer's Bureau coursework will just have to be held off till October, I think September is booked up finishing this story.  If it goes no where with Mills and Boon, it's definitely something I can sharpen up and hope to get published as a chick-lit or something.  None of this work will be wasted, and I'm doing what I enjoy most - writing.


  1. You've got to be in it to win it!! Fortune favours the brave and all that.. well done. x

  2. Hi, I have an award for you! You can pick it up at Mad about Romance

    All the best
    Jude x

  3. Hi Teresa

    Well done for posting your 1st chapter on the Romance is not Dead website. I haven't voted yet - but I will!

    Good luck
    Jude x


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