Sunday, 14 November 2010

All I Need - Another Recipe Book!

Crock Pot!
This is either really sad, or a sure sign that I've run out of things to write about, or as most of you may know, I'm a bit nuts. 

Yes, I'm going to ramble on about my slow cooker that now has a place in my kitchen.  Tiny bit of reorganising and we got it in there.  It's near an electrical point, easy to just pull out, add my ingredients and leave it sat there.

For those of you who may have set foot in my kitchen, yes, it is a lovely large size.  However, when hubby and I were looking at the house to buy, we were so enamoured with its size, we forgot to really look at it more deeply.  It desperately needs refurbishing.  It's the original kitchen to the house, so probably over 20 years old now and well, cupboards are falling off hinges.  But a kitchen this size, which needs completely ripping out, will cost us so much money - and will be a big job.  I keep think I'll get these things when I get my new kitchen, but I might not get a 'new' kitchen for another ten years yet (gosh, I hope it's not that long!). 

The reason for the slow cooker is that I realised I needed to make more use of my time.  And sometimes, like on Wednesdays, I have more time in the morning, than I do in the afternoon with all the running around.  Might even enable me to write more if I put my time to better use.  (I'm hoping for some time management miracle!)  I intend to try and use my crock pot at least once a week.

So now I need a recipe book, and I'd said after last Christmas I don't want any more!  Can you have too many recipe books?  I always say that if you get at least one recipe out of a book, then it's worth keeping.

I use my Tana Ramsay Real Family Food, and my Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food all the time - they're my kitchen bibles.  Jamie has given me a good basic stew recipe which I play around with - so that can go in the crock pot.  And the good thing is, this can sauté on the hob first.  That's why I bought it!  It can even go in the oven, if I really need it to.

I do a lamb curry in Tana's book which is GORGEOUS and can probably do that in the slow cooker.  Plus I've heard spag bol, chilli...  But I welcome all hints and tips in using my little slow cooker!  Any recipes! 

Oh and I could even do my Delia's beef in cider (another GREAT dish).

Can't wait till next week when I get to use it - Wednesday - Lamb curry on the meal plan.

So now I've managed to make room for my slow cooker, I need to find some space for a bread maker....  Why wait for this new kitchen - huh?

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