Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Bit Of A Grumble, Mr Tumble

I was curled up on the sofa this morning, reading my book, while my youngest watched Cbeebies, and Mr Tumble came on.  Well, 'Something Special'.

Usually I like this programme.  Kieran sat there miming with Justin.  It was all rather cute.  Until... A baby was having a bath.  And Justin had to go and get the baby's nappy and bed clothes. And yes, you've guessed it, he picked up a despicable disposable.

On one side, local councils are trying to discourage the use of these things - they cause so much waste in landfill, and I imagine now with all the recycling, they are a bigger part of waste now, than they ever used to be.  On the other, young children are being taught that a disposable nappy is the only option.   I noticed this at the preschool that my son goes to and provided them with a Terry's nappy and a wrap!

If you wanted to encourage less use of these sorts of things, shouldn't television programmes be 'advertising' the item that they want promoted, not the ones they want to discourage? 

Oh, but of course, disposable nappies manufacturers are the big wigs, more money than you care to mention.  They probably have more money than the Government, and fought for that right to have that nappy in that programme.

Am I the only one who sees something wrong in this?

And I'm not just talking about nappies here.  Aren't we told that the country is at its worst state of obesity ever, and in August you can find Christmas puddings, Christmas cake, mince pies and huge tins of chocolate already on the shop shelves in time for Christmas.  (This is a real bugbear of my dad's!).

Don't get me wrong, we all like to indulge at Christmas, but are we really giving out the right message?  How many people buy this food in August and actually save it for Christmas?  The mince pies will be out of day by October - unless you freeze them.

It's like do you ever find the healthy options on special... or is it just the junk food?  For example, I buy reduced salt and sugar baked beans for my kids now (not that they have them that often)... the others are always on special (BOGOF's etc) but never the 'healthier' ones.

I just don't think we're encouraged, or encouraging a change in lifestyle...

I'm feeling under the weather, maybe that's why I'm grumpy and rambling on about this.

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