Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bargain Books

Is it just me, or do you guys do this too?  Now that I'm so hell bent on becoming a successful writer and have been reading till my eyes hurt, (and love it - best bit about writing if you ask me!) every time I pass an old book stall or a charity shop selling books, I've got to browse.

I never used to be like this before. 

Well, today, helping out at the school fair, the book stall landed near the cakes and teas and coffees stall, and I sort of took it over. I instantly held back Harry's Game by Gerald Seymour. I've read The Collaborator, and though maybe not the genre I write in, I'm trying not to solely read romance - as change is as good as a rest, right? And it's good to see how others write descriptions etc. Or at least I think it is. I enjoyed The Collaborator, so thought I'd try this one out. It's his first book.

I then spotted two Oxford dictionary of quotations (Modern Quotations and Humorous Quotations). There was one on political quotations - I left that one! lol!

I also picked up D H Lawrence, The Rainbow. It's a classic isn't it? And all the money went towards the school. I paid 50p a book - definitely worth it!

I keep telling myself I'll borrow books rather than buy them... then I see them cheap at a book stall, or free on Kindle. At this rate though, I'll never make it to the library

Anyone else picked up a book bargain lately?


  1. Teresa,

    Harry's Game is my favourite Gerald Seymour book, and you are right about second hand books. As I explore my dark side, I bought seven books including sleepwalking, visits by angels after near death experiences, demons and dragons and ghost stories. It is good to diversify. Keep writing. Brian

  2. Thanks, Brian. Problem I have is that I keep picking books up and my pile keeps growing. Can't read them fast enough, even at 40 books a year!


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