Friday, 10 June 2011

I Am Alive Really

Just a very quick blog! I'm now back from my hols and not too much heavier due to all the Cornish ice creams - amazingly enough - and need to get back into the swing of writing. I did manage to do quite a bit of reading where I could on holiday, but no writing. I didn't even get a chance to brainstorm over Perfect Isn't An Option - too exhausted usually. Brain could only handle reading... or a few games of Angry Birds.

I returned to find my RNA conference pack waiting for me, and I've sent off my workshop choices. Very excited that Liz Fielding has a workshop. I've also got a ten minute appointment with Jane Holland of Embrace. (My first choices were already booked up). I've got to send off the first three chapters of The Wedding Favour and a one page synopsis, plus a writing CV! Now I am panicking!

I am slightly worried that The Wedding Favour might not quite fit into Embrace's categories - hence Jane wasn't my first choice... It might fit Red Velvet, if any, although too many words at the moment for one thing. But I really would like to get some professional advice, and this sort of thing would cost me a lot of money otherwise. Rachel Lyndhurst convinced me to do it, so it's all her fault!

So now I'm panicking about that, and I've got piles and piles of washing, but can't do any of it as off to a wedding this weekend. (Must take notebook and make notes... Romance, romance, romance...)

Oh and I need to go buy a new dress, so I can mingle with all these glamorous writery types at the Gala Dinner.


  1. Hi Teresa,
    Ellie Swoop and I are coming to the conference for the Saturday daytime, so we should be able to meet you!!!Mx

  2. Hey Teresa!

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday x

    Just out of curiosity, what was your choice of reading matter whilst away?

    If you are planning on doing a review I would love to post it on myu blog too...?

    Bev x

  3. Hi Bev,

    I read Liz Fielding's Tempted By Trouble (she's my favourite M&B author), Charlaine Harris' Dead Reckoning and started Wuthering Heights on my Kindle. I probably would have read more, but I had two Writing Magazines to read, so read those on the beach. Still didn't get June issue finished, and July was here waiting for me. (Must make more time for reading magazines!)

    I will do reviews (soon), which I do over in Goodreads and paste on my blog. Just need to sit down and concentrate, when I get the chance! Hopefully very soon, once I feel I'm no longer chasing my tail.

    T x

  4. Hey Teresa, glad to be meeting you at the conference.

    Please don't worry too much about your ms 'fitting' Embrace or not. If you send me a sample of the ms, I'll deal with it in a book doctor way, so you'll get sound feedback whatever happens.


  5. Oh, thanks, Jane. Phew! When do you need the ms by? I'm working on it to get to you by end of this week hopefully... if not next week. Just a few family crisis's getting in the way.

    Can't wait to meet you, too, by the way!


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