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Book Review: Wild Justice by Liz Fielding

WILD JUSTICE (Beaumont Brides)WILD JUSTICE by Liz Fielding

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have mixed feelings about this book. I am likely to write spoilers and so for the sake of my blog (when I paste this over) read no further if you don't want them.

*** spoilers below ***

Firstly, it's by one of my favourite Mills and Boon authors, Liz Fielding, and it has sex on the page! And very good that was too... uh, hum.

It was written very much in Liz's style. I wasn't disappointed in that. Generally, I really enjoyed this story. There is a real spark of conflicts between Fizz and Luke - these two know how to love and hate one another. I would have probably given it four stars, but it has a couple of things that niggled and frustrated me as I read.

Firstly Fizz doesn't find out (or realise) that Melanie is related to Luke, to the point it felt contrived. Fizz is an intelligent woman. She would have worked it out sooner - or someone really would have said something quicker - that Melanie was Luke's niece. Fizz believes Melanie is Luke's much younger girlfriend.

It was a nice conflict, to stop Fizz's feelings for Luke, but for me it went on a little too long. There was so much else going on to get these two at each other's throats, this didn't need to be so overdone.

Another niggle for me was Fizz's quick forgiveness of Luke. Luke has stood there, hell bent on revenge, and demoralised her, implying terrible things to her character he's misinterpreted. A week later, he turns up, as if to carry out his threat. They start fighting, then the next thing, they are (at last) making love. I liked the love-hate relationship, but felt Fizz let Luke in too quickly after some very cruel words. For me, he didn't work very hard to earn his forgiveness. Seriously, what he implied about Fizz, she should never have let him near her again!

I'm not sure if I believed this quick turn around in trust. I wasn't sure if as the reader I was deliberately being confused that Luke was still up to tricks in seeking his revenge, or he was truly trying to win back Fizz's love.

Otherwise, I enjoyed these two squaring up to one another - they had some wonderful battles. This book contained a lot of passion and emotion, plenty of conflict - which I love. I will be looking out for the other two books to this Beaumont Brides Trilogy.

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