Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Fun Of Being A Writer

Last night I looked at Publishers. Today I flicked through the Writers and Artist Year Book 2012 (which I'd highlighted previously) for suitable agents. Tonight I'll check out their websites and see what their submission requirements are too.

In all of this, that feeling of dread, cold and icky in my stomach, came over me.

I know I will have to face rejections, but I keep thinking, 'What if I'm not good enough yet?'

Or ever!

Do I need an agent?

I've heard that the 'big houses' are really hard to get into, so thought I'd aim lower, where the likes of Katie Price, Dawn French and any other celebrity thinking of writing a book will not be in the slush pile. The smaller publishing houses, the 'indies' don't necessary need or want agency submissions. But should I see if I can get an agent first anyway?

The Wedding Favour is a completed manuscript. It's had at least two edits, I'm going through it again with my Beta's though, for a final polish. The first three and the last chapter are practically ready. I have written a synopsis, which again, probably needs going through again. I next need to write a blurb and a bio. (I've sort of done the bio and put it on my website which is a work in progress, so may use that).

How far do I edit? I don't want to remove my 'voice', and someone (who has been published years ago) in my writers group (my physical one that I meet up locally, not a virtual, internet one) said don't edit to death, the editors will want to do that!

So I'm thinking, as long as I'm showing how I want my story to go, and I've presented it professionally, and sharpened my craft to the best of my ability, showing my voice, that (hopefully) should be enough. Right?

But again, my fear comes in... Have I worked on it enough? Should I have someone 'professional' look at it, is the story too simple and unoriginal... and all those other nigglely things that go through your head. 

Then I worry... What if I do (eventually) find a publisher for The Wedding Favour... but will they like the rest of my story ideas, what if I can't write anything better than it again?

Grrr... The worries fun of being a writer. 

The title of my blog should be The Worrying Woman...


  1. Re the agent v publisher question... for 20 people who swear by doing it one way, there'll be an equal amount swearing by the other way. I'm looking at smaller publishers now too. The large ones do seem to be happy with their celebrities... their loss, Teresa, just keep the faith!

  2. It's only natural you're a bit scared, I would be too. But, you know what? Be proud too. You wrote a whole book. More than that, you wrote a good book. Congratulations :-)

  3. Thanks you two ;-)

    Sarah, I hope it's a good book. I won't know until someone is interested in publishing it. lol!

  4. Go for it, Teresa and have faith in your work and don't give up. Just think of all the successful authors who's work was initially rejected but who went on to fame and fortune.

    Good luck!

  5. Thanks, Gail. You'll hear all the news here :D The rejections, and hopefully the acceptances.


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