Thursday, 22 September 2011

My Reading Zone

About time I blogged, don't you think?

I thought I'd blog about my reading zone. I can't read with the TV on - I'm so easily distracted! - and after having a bad back last year, I avoid reading in bed.  So, usually have to check with hubby when he doesn't want to watch something on the TV, so that I can go in the lounge and sit comfortably.

I've been wanting to post this picture for a while now, but other blog posts have got in the way.

In the summer, my dad finished off a corner of our garden behind the pond. For nearly nine years it has been a waste of space! Well, look at it now.

The arbour was bought about 3 years ago, and never erected. This is what happens with having kids, and a husband who works full time, and it doesn't help then that I work weekends so he's left to entertain them.

Anyway, this area quickly became my reading space in the garden. The arbour is actually very comfortable!

The only down side I can see about being a writer is that when it's glorious sunshine, you can be stuck inside bashing away words at your PC. So, in the summer, as soon as this was finished (and it was a nice day), I tried to sit out for an hour a day (or a chapter or a quick coffee) reading.

I'm not sure I'm going to get out there again this year but it's a great zone for reading, letting the sound of trickling water from the pond soothe you, and I can be supervising the boys playing in the garden too.


  1. What a lovely space, absolutely perfect for reading :-)

  2. Not sure if I'll get out there much now! But it is a lovely 'zone'. Dad's got a couple of climbing roses and I've got some bulbs to put in.

    Perfect for reading and topping up my tan :D


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