Thursday, 7 March 2013

Every Woman Should Have One Of These In Her Bathroom...

... Someone to hold her towel.


OMG! What day is it? I almost forgot! Thursday already? Really? It seems to have arrived really quickly this week. It means tomorrow is Friday, and I'm back to working the weekend :-(

I need to do something to cheer me up, (this morning didn't go so well with the kids) and hopefully you guys too... How about this one for Shirtless Thursday?

Actually he's not wearing anything but a towel... does this still class as shirtless? Well, he's certainly not wearing a shirt, I suppose.


  1. Yes they should - and a pub in a nearby village has a large pic like this on the inside of every cubicle door in the ladies' toilets :D (and a few smaller ones on the wall opposite the cubicles and above the basins!). I'm reliably informed by DH that the men's toilets have pictures of ladies in a similar state of undress - actually though he didn't need to tell me, my son's face told me all I needed to know! When we go there now he tries very hard not to need the loo, but as he's soon to turn 13, I predict that in a year or two he might change his mind ;) (or want to look at the pics in the ladies'. I'm not bothered either way).


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