Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Where Have The Voices Gone?

My Ikea furniture arrived this morning. I am waiting for Dad to come over and help build it. Well, when I say help. He'll be building it. I'll be making him cups of tea.

I'm excited. It means that I should be able to set up my PC soon and create my new writing space. And then I will have to knuckle down and get back to editing and writing. Events over the past year have given me enough of an emotional journey, I should be able to include this somewhere. In fact, maybe I should start by writing up the past year... so when I'm famous I have my autobiography almost written. Okay, not quite. LOL!

But I have reached the light at the end of the tunnel. This is good.

I used to be so dedicated to my writing, you had to prise me off my PC. I would have to set the kitchen timer so I didn't forget to pick up the kids from school. I would sit up till midnight engrossed in my stories. My characters would talk to me whilst I did the housework. Nag me, even. But I'm worried I've lost that obsession. The voices aren't talking to me. My characters would badger me every single minute of the day. But it's like they're taking a backseat at the moment, and observing my life - and having a good bloody giggle at my expense, too. Maybe they're being patient (unlike me) with me, as they know real life has got in the way recently, and they'll start talking again soon. 

And now, I wonder where I found the time.

I need to make it again! 

So, once this furniture is built, I need to get tough with myself. No more dithering over Facebook, Twitter and whatever else I do to waste my time. I have a smaller house that requires less cleaning. I still need to maintain it, (and there is still quite a bit to do, with boxes to empty etc. so I'll try not to beat myself up too much) and it's only me now to do the jobs (until the boys get older and I can set them to work), so that might take up more of my time. But I need to crack on!

I can not dream about my book being published if I am not working towards it.

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