Sunday, 24 March 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Kieran!

Well, I did a blog post for Ben in December, so I thought it only fair I did one for Kieran.

(I will set it to post at 10.44am... the time my little *angel* arrived). 

Kieran, also known as Kamikaze Kieran, or Kieran The Destroyer, was born on Saturday 24th March 2007 at 10.44am, weighing 8lb 12oz. He was given these names because we soon learned the boy had no fear and where Ben had always played with toys nicely, we had to find ones from now on which were "Kieran proof". If he could break it, he would.

His full name is Kieran George. George being my Grandad's name.

Only Kieran gets Vaseline in his hair! Virtually the whole pot. 
He is far from sensible, like my Ben. He is the comedian of the family, but is pretty good at football too. He also likes wearing my shoes. Should I be worried? Of my two boys, he is the only one I've had to take to A&E to get stitched up - well, they glued his forehead. I think I was remarkably lucky it didn't happen for a good four years actually.

Cool brothers, who play well, and fight well. 
Too cute! But I am biased. 

Above are some cute pictures of the brothers growing up. I could have posted soooo many more.

Taken last week, my own Formula 1 driver!
Happy birthday, Kieran!

Kieran at Trafalgar Square - Dec 2012
Where has my baby boy gone? They are both growing up so fast!


  1. Well of course he's fearless - he was the A-Team Shrine baby after all. :D I remember us all on the forum waiting for him to be born. If you weren't on for a few hours we were all "is this it?" Good times.

    1. Wow, was that really 6 years ago? I miss the shrine days, and I've been really slack in going over to the other site lately. Amazing how much time I had when the boys were really little to watch the A-Team and discuss it on the forum lol! Breastfeeding had its bonuses :D


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