Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

So it must mean it's Shirtless Thursday!

Bit of a frost on the ground this morning, but it soon cleared with the sun out. I believe Spring may well be on it's way.

I do need to do another blog post and not just post half naked men... but it will have to be another day. Sorry, this is a quick post. Feeling a bit disorganised at the moment, but furniture ordered from Ikea, so the PC might be coming out of its box very soon :D Whoop!

Actually... these men aren't just shirtless - they're naked! Or does the beret count?


  1. Now they're some fit blokes! Oh the beret counts. Like the song goes: You can leave your hat on. ;-)

  2. Ha ha! Yes, the song does goe like that doesn't it :D I did inspect every single one before posting this picture to be sure they were all shirtless :-P


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