Friday, 23 August 2013

Get Your Thinking Caps On

It's less than a week until publication day, and I'm getting very excited. I'm going to be an author. Not only an author, a Harper Impulse one too.

Therefore, I thought I'd send out an invitation to you all to join me on Facebook on Thursday 29th August to celebrate the release of my d├ębut book 'Plus One Is A Lucky Number'.

The good thing about a virtual party is the guest list can be unlimited... So of course the invitation has a Plus One...

So who would you bring to my virtual Publication Day Party?

They can be a real person or a fictional character, pure fantasy, dead or alive... Bring your Plus One along (by posting a picture) on my events page here on the day.

Or if you have an interesting Plus One story, please share with me and my guests. Did you marry your Plus One? Did something really embarrassing happen?

Don't post here now... I want a surprise! But there will be a blog post up on the 29th August you can share your Plus One with. Put your thinking caps on... like Sophie, you have a week to find a Plus One...

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