Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Written Fireside

This is a feature that Lori Connelly (a fellow Harper Impulse author) has put together and I will be taking part in.

The idea is that during the month, each author will add to a story, as if sitting by a camp fire - a round robin type thing. Lori explains it how it works here.

I'm terribly nervous about this, but thought I would give it a go.

Lori has posted the first part of the story, here... In a few days I will be posting the next part - eek!

August Fire Writers

Lori Connelly - Blog Facebook Twitter
Her book - The Outlaw of Cedar Ridge

Teresa F. Morgan -  Website  Facebook  Twitter
Her book - Plus One is a Lucky Number

Romy Sommer - Website  Facebook  Twitter
Her book - Waking up in Vegas

Charlotte Phillips - Website  Facebook  Twitter
Her book - Your Room or Mine?

To start reading click below

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