Saturday, 17 August 2013

Second Book Worries

Last blog post - 10th August! I must change that. 

I usually work Saturday mornings but I have a day off today, so I haven't been up since silly o'clock plastering a fake smile across my face. The idea is that I actually do some writing. Hmmm...

I have sent off a blog post to feature on a fellow writer's blog. And I do have another one to answer too. Then I will get back to my second book.

I emailed my editor (will never tire of that, never!) and she agreed that I could send her the synopsis and the first three chapters. I decided I didn't want to spend loads of time getting this book edited and Harper Impulse say no it's not what we want. So I thought I'd run it by them first before investing time into it. Time I will need to start writing my third book if they hate this second one.

But how can they hate Steve Mason, my Hollywood hunk who looks a bit like Bradley Cooper in my mind? Ha ha! Yes, it's been a real chore writing this book, not.

Now this book is currently called Perfect Isn't An Option, yet, considering how my first book had a name change, don't get too used to it.

Yesterday I read through my RNA NWS critique notes and didn't cry. One year later, and it doesn't appear so bad after all. I'm going to fatten up the synopsis so it has a bit more detail for my editor (it's only one page at the moment) and tidy up the first three chapters and send them over... And wait for the green light.

I suppose while I wait, I could start drafting up and brainstorming book three? This is where I need to get more organised. I just feel like I'm walking around knowing I should be doing something but not sure what. The promotional side of the first book, and hanging out with the other Harper Impulse authors is great fun but very time consuming. I'm going to have to say, get a 1000 words done, then you can chat.

Any other suggestions would be welcome? What should I be doing as a newly-about-to-be-published author?

Plus One is a Lucky Number will be published 29th August. Whoop! You can pre-order now on Amazon if you really want to.

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