Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Date With Dad

Today, Easter Sunday, I had a date with my dad.

I think secretly he likes that I am single again, because he has his daughter back all to himself. (Not that he would actually admit it.)

If I win the lottery, I have to buy this for Dad.
There was a classic car meet up over this weekend, and today Dad took his truck along. He'd gone along yesterday and seen a similar truck, and the owner had convinced him to bring his along today. I drove down too, and left my car parked up the other end of town so that we didn't have to stay in town all day - I had stuff to do! Fence panels to paint! And writing... which I'll do some more in a minute.

My dad has always had cars. Cars that he's cleaned up to sell, and cars to drive for pleasure. I've even had to give him a lift to collect these cars from time to time - that's the reason he was keen for me to pass my test at 17!

And with these cars, we've often gone along to similar things like today, classic American car shows etc. It's been more me, than my brother, actually. We used to go to the Guildford cruise, Chelsea cruise... even drove the London to Brighton Mini Run a couple of years on the trot - in (original) Minis of course.

We went for a long walk and had a coffee. Then, we came home, had lunch and he helped me paint my fence panels in the garden before I dropped him back off in town to collect his truck. What a dad! We got all of them done, except one, which I'll try to do tomorrow afternoon.

I've come to realise the reason I may be hard work for some men is that my dad has probably spoilt me. Not in buying me everything I've wanted type spoilt. If I've asked him to help me, he usually has, and he usually does it pretty quickly too. I don't have to wait years for something to get fixed. In fact, now I'm in my own house, he'll usually come over while I'm at work and attend my garden, or put up the shelf I wanted etc. It is done.
And that's my dad, he just didn't realise he was in this one!

My dad is reliable. He's a hard act to follow. And my partners - unknowingly - have a hard time keeping up with his pace, especially when they let me down.

I really don't know where I'd be without my dad sometimes. x x x

As you can see I've attached some photos of the cars we saw today. Some of Dad's favourites.

Dad's truck, in the sunshine. 

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