Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New Chapter, New Mantra...

Always look for positives in situations.
My friend posted the link below on my Facebook profile. (I then shared it to my page.)

15 things you should stop putting yourself through

I tend to put myself through the mill when bad things happen to me i.e. relationship break ups. I really give myself a hard time.

I have to reassure myself I am not a bad person, I am reasonable and understanding, that my flaws (actually another friend has told me not to call them that) - quirks are quite normal. Everyone has them. No one is perfect.

Some human beings are better than others. Some are diabolical. I am not one of those human beings.

Me, I need to stop doubting myself. I need to listen to my inner voice. And I do need to stop dwelling on the past... but that's quite hard because I think that's in me, my make-up. But I do let go eventually... time will help me.

Oh, and the most important one of all in the above link. Point 11 - STOP WORRYING!

I am a born worrier! (It's one of my quirks!)

Anyway, with April here, and the heart break lessening... although far from gone. (Still wake up every day thinking of him. The other day I was missing him so bad, wondering what we'd be doing together in the sunshine... Today, I missed that I couldn't text him and tell him what the boys and I were up to. I still cry when I tell myself I should no longer. I really am grieving the loss of a relationship.)

So if you need to start the day on a positive note, and need to rebuild your self-esteem and self-worth... read the above blog - all 15 points. And bookmark it.

I'm putting dates in my diary, making time for friends, making time for me. I need to get my third book written; the past 5 weeks have been disastrous with my lack of focus.

I'm trying to focus. I'm trying to be more positive... Because the more positive I look at life, the more someone is going find me attractive and want to be apart of my life - for good. This is my hope, and aim.

I have learnt that the next relationship I enter I will make them make promises to me. I know nothing is forever, I've certainly learnt this recently. However, they can promise to work at the relationship and not give up on it.

In the meantime, I'm going to get used to being single and buy myself flowers.

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