Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Book Signing in Waterstones

D├ębut book signing in 2014
I'm so excited to announce that I will be doing another book signing in Waterstone's, Weston-super-Mare on Saturday 29th August at 2pm.

There will be copies of both of my books available (due to a little bit of a muddle from last year I believe, and 20 copies of Plus One is a Lucky Number arriving at their store in February - boy, were they pleased to see me).

So if you can make it, please come along! I will appreciate the support.

What I have learnt from last time is to have a pad, to check spellings of names if they want the book personalised, and have plenty of sweets!

I feel really lucky, because I know some Waterstone's stores are unable to allow book signings, but my store have been so supportive. Put the Saturday, 29th August in your diary!

Blurb: One Fine Day

Just a boy standing in front of a girl…

Actor Steve Mason has it all … gorgeous looks, the perfect starlet girlfriend hanging on his arm and his name on every Hollywood producer’s lips. That is, until it turns out the ‘perfect girl’ is actually a perfect PR stunt! Dumped and with his name plastered across every tabloid headline, Steve decides to head home to England, questioning if he’ll ever find a woman who genuinely loves him for who he is, and not just his place on the Sexiest Man Alive list.

It’s been fifteen long years since Ruby last saw her big brother – but the new LA version of Steve complete with designer wardrobe, California tan and an American accent is too much to bear – Ruby hardly recognises him and decides it’s time to get her brother back!

With Ruby’s help, Steve goes undercover as he plays the part of a regular guy who leads a regular life. And then one perfectly fine, ordinary day he meets lovely, funny, down-to-earth Lydia. But when Hollywood comes calling, will Steve be able to leave both Lydia and his little sister behind?

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Blurb: Plus One is a Lucky Number

The wedding favour...

Sophie’s going to a wedding where the invite is strictly plus one… but with her single girl status not exactly fitting in with the bridesmaid dress code, and the best man being none other than the ex she would rather forget, Sophie needs a favour and she needs it fast!

Luckily for Sophie, her dreamy but distant co-worker Adam Reid owes their mutual friend James big time…and his gorgeousness more than fills the role of the ‘Perfect Boyfriend’!

As they take off to the sunny shores of Cornwall for the wedding weekend, it’s not long before pretence leads to passion and Sophie and Adam must decide; is their relationship real or is it all for show?

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