Sunday, 21 June 2015

To All The Awesome Dads Out There

Dad's Truck!


Last summer
As you know, if you follow me regularly, especially via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I have an awesome dad.

When I separated from my ex-husband, he was tremendously supportive in helping me with my new home. He built me a utility room inside my garage, my garden looks awesome - it's its third summer this year! Where did the time go?

Polzeath Holiday 2015

He does so much with me and the boys. We love our walks, and our talks, our bike rides and our steam trains. My dad is the reason I love cars and driving - he taught me as soon as my feet could reach the pedals.

I think it's rather lovely that today is the longest day too. My dad loves the summer and the sunshine. The longer the days, the longer he gets to be outside doing his favourite things. Today we're off to a garden centre to look at plants and have a coffee.
Polzeath Holiday 2015
Unfortunately, there are some men out there who don't deserve the title of Dad. They don't take on the responsibility to support their children when the relationship breaks down with the mother. This makes me so sad for those children who don't have a good relationship with their dad like I have.

I feel really blessed that my Dad is not one of those imbeciles. I am even grateful that my boys have their own fantastic dad, too.
Another steam train trip (Easter 2015)

So if you have an awesome Dad out there, or he is sadly no longer with us, this blog post is dedicated to them! Have a happy Father's Day.

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