Sunday, 24 March 2019

A Mahooosive Twelve Today!

Happy 12th Birthday, Kieran! 

This will be my last year of only having one Teenager in the house. Next year, it all changes, I'm a mum to teenagers. Not teenager.

Happy birthday to my funny, cuddly, footballing, Fortnite geek!

When you're good, you're brilliant. (When you're stubborn, we do clash!)

You help me around the house just by being organised and independent. When I can pull you away from the PlayStation, you're helpful ha ha!

I soon realised and appreciated how much you did when you broke your collar bone and became dependent on me again.

You do make me proud. But your true character shone recently with breaking your collar bone. You were determined to go into school the next day! You were incredibly brave, tolerated the pain and never complained. You really did just get on with it.

You have always been the comedian of the family, the giggler. Always keep that sense of humour!

Keep up the good work, you're growing into a great young man!

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