Thursday, 3 February 2011

Does This Make It Official?

I got my first rejection letter today.  

I've had some stuff either not answered via email, or an email back saying they're not wanting this type of article current, but this was a rejection letter from People's Friend for a short story I sent, titled Love Will Find You.  Sent back in my SAE.  I knew by the thickness of the envelope it said rejection.  They wouldn't send it back if they wanted it - would they?  Apparently not strong enough.  Which, maybe I can see their point, but it's around 1700 words and meant to be more sweet.  Maybe I need to get to the action quicker... I don't know.

So at least I feel officially a writer... still not a published one yet!

I think I feel ultra miserable about it all as it's you know, red bus time and all that, and I'm just extra suicidal and murderous this time of the month.  Good job I wasn't wheeling a knife when the postman came to the door!

I'll take a look at it again and maybe try Woman's Weekly as My Weekly aren't taking on new short story authors.

And the other thing, now that I am a writer, and trying to be more open about it, when asked what my novel is about I should NOT reply, "Oh, um, this woman has to go to a wedding but doesn't want to, and, oh, um, this guy gets talked into going with her, and oh..." change the subject quickly.

For some reason I go all shy (yeah - me shy?) and stupid, and can't spit words out, and think as I'm telling them about it I'm making it sound crap.  I need more confidence!  A little cheque from The People's Friend would have done it... but we won't go there.