Friday 25 February 2011

Book Review: Want To Know A Secret? by Sue Moorcroft

Want to Know a Secret?Want to Know a Secret? by Sue Moorcroft

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sue really does create delicious heroes.  James is the support mechanism in his family, and you find yourself really empathising with him.  

The secrets just keep coming...  Diane gets a wake up call in life basically.  She learns to fight back and take charge, though still managing to put her family first, like James, which creates a great conflict for their relationship.  And we all LOVE conflict!  But I loved Diane, enjoyed watching her get stronger and stronger.

As I've seen someone else review, Sue does keep the story real.  We're reading characters that we can relate to (with a touch of fantasy as obviously we want to escape real life, too).  And her little plot twists are great.

I really enjoyed reading this book, Sue has a wonderful way of telling a story, lovely descriptions without over doing it.  Again, there are some ups and downs, and laugh out loud moments (well I laughed heartily at times).

I have to admit, Starting Over is still my favourite of Sue's novels (yet to read All That Mullarkey, but it's on my bookshelf waiting) but this is a close second.  I loved Starting Over for different reasons.

James doesn't ever get fully described (apart from his eyes and killer smile), which is good, because you get to put your own image in there, and his actions show how he's an attractive man really.  But I felt he was not on the page as much as Ratty was in Starting Over...  And Ratty was a bit devious, which I liked (because every girl loves a bad boy). 

We get to see inside Tamzin's head occasionally, and though it was good for the story, I missed not being with Diane or James.  Though, Sue's sub-hero, George is just great, too.  (Two heroes for the price of one - yay!)

(Gosh this was rather hard to write without putting any spoilers in!  I try not to spoiler, just want to tell you how good it was and recommend to read).

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