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Book Review: Becoming The Tycoon's Bride by Patricia Thayer & Liz Fielding

Becoming the Tycoon's BrideBecoming the Tycoon's Bride by Patricia Thayer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has two stories - and I will leave reviews accordingly.

(I can't seem to find these books on Goodreads singularly - I usually like to leave links on those too).

The Tycoon's Marriage Bid by Patricia Thayer

4 Stars

Started reading 12 Feb 2011, finished 13 Feb 2011 - I believe these are shorter stories (this was only 96 pages - 9 chapters plus an epilogue).

I really did love the fire and the chemistry between this hero and heroine.  I really liked Ellie, she was feisty and Hugh had a good battle on his hands, which caused a nice conflict - we like conflict!  From the off, Ellie had her guard up, seeing Hugh as the enemy.  But Hugh's weakness was his instant attraction to Ellie.  I also enjoyed how her grandfather helped meddle a little with their relationship.

It didn't quite have the sizzle sensual factor that Liz Fielding pulls off, but there were some tender and emotional moments for a short story.  An enjoyable read.

Chosen As The Sheikh's Wife by Liz Fielding

4 Stars

Started reading 13 February (I think, finished 16 February 2011

Again, another short story, only 87 pages.  In fact, I would have liked this story to be a little longer.  I know Liz is just great for her frustratingly good sensual, tender touch to the pages - frustrating in the sense you want the hero and heroine to just get it on - and this story in some ways lacked it a little, due to its length.

But you can't not love Sheikh Fayad al Kuwani, from the instant he's on the page with Violet, he's her protector, a true hero.  A real prince charming!

Liz is always great at making her strong heroes the loving, caring types.  It's hard to put my finger on it, but I've read so many where the heroes are verging on being bullies, whereas hers know what they want, and want to get it, yet they have a tendency to sweep the heroine off her feet, seducing her, in their 'how' to get it.

Great story, shame it was a bit short. I would have liked to have seen more of Violet and Fayad together as husband and wife, before the true marriage ceremony.  The beginning of the last chapter was more narrative, telling, rather than showing (but I realise that it's due to the length of the book and maybe just me wanting to be indulged).  However, there is a twist and a lovely seductive ending to this story, which made me wish it was a Blaze!

As for the book on the whole, I've read two-in-one romances, and always found one story to be weaker than the other, possibly even disappointing, yet both of these books did deliver the romance factor - at least for me!  I enjoyed both stories.

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